How do I suppress INFO messages when using logic2-automation

these messages:
INFO:saleae.automation.manager:sub ChannelConnectivity.IDLE
INFO:saleae.automation.manager:sub ChannelConnectivity.CONNECTING
INFO:saleae.automation.manager:sub ChannelConnectivity.READY
INFO:saleae.automation.manager:sub ChannelConnectivity.IDLE



Hi @arnthor,

Thanks for writing in. These messages are produced from our python library. They are logged through the python logger module.

Here is a quick fix:

import logging


Note, you should not see these logs by default, they are only shown once you have setup the root logger in your own python with:


or similar.

Ah great, thank you.

Figures that it was something on my end since I spent quite a while searching the internet and the forums and didn’t find any result.

The only relevant result I found for logging.basicConfig was in venv/Lib/site-packages/saleae/

logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO), I changed it to .ERROR and the messages stopped.