Smooth animations

I watched the demo video, it seemed that you’re aiming for buttery smooth animations.

So I came here to tell you something you might not want to hear: I personally don’t care at all for buttery smooth animations :open_mouth:

It’s much more important for me that the UI is fast and responsive, than a hi-tech modern look. In fact, the released version is too smooth for me, it kind of feels like the soft suspension on an old car. I want the zoom animation to stop as soon as I stop scrolling.

The same goes for rendering traces while dragging them around. This is only eye candy, and if it comes at any cost at all (speed, requirements on CPU/GPU, …), it’s probably not worth it for me.

“UI is fast and responsive” Yes please.

Snappy - yes. Are you on Mac? It’s sloppy right now, will be fixed when we move to Electron.

Fast and snappy comes first, then eye candy.

I am on Linux and use xmonad as a window manager. The reason I started to get interest in giving feedback is that the released version is broken for non-reparenting WM (my hypothesis).

I’ve been running in a Windows VM, the animations were smooth, but a bit too slippery if that makes sense.

Understood, thanks.

Slippery - as in they are not snapped perfectly 1:1 with the mouse?

You know how animated movies render movements a bit too smoothly? The characters are doing a bit too much, are a bit too graceful, everything feels exaggerated. That kind of feeling.

I just started my Windows VM: it’s not as bad as I remembered. Mostly visible when zooming out quickly, which is ok. I got irritated by other things, I’ll document that in other threads.

Either way, it’s good that you prioritize snappiness, thanks.

EDIT: I just noticed animations could be turned off in the Preferences! Then it’s all good, I’m so sorry I missed that. Please keep the option to turn off!

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I’ve now spent some time on the actual 1.2.39 alpha.

I realized that the animation that I found exaggerated was the grab and throw. It looks fancy, but I don’t find it practical. I understand that you cannot make the throw stop when the button is released, though.

It’s mostly a pain because there isn’t an alternative to this way of panning. Dragging more than a couple of times in a row is annoying and slow. That’s what scroll wheels were invented for.