Alpha Release 1

Here is the first release posted in the new forum!

(note, I’ve removed links to the previously posted version, it was a bit of a weird interim version)

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What is ~ready for feedback:

  • The main menu (most items are disabled)
  • The capture settings flyout
  • The timing display (topmost bar)
  • Pan and zoom
  • Shift analog waveform vertically (SPACEBAR + click & drag)
  • Zoom analog waveform vertically (CTRL + vertical scroll)
  • Analog measurements (right-click for more)

Product Manager Commentary

Known Product Issues

This is our internal list. I admit it’s not very useful dumped here like. Will try to improve in the future.

  • Capture settings flyout may need a close “X”; perhaps should cover the top bar as well.
  • The values shown in the voltage (vertical scale) are not readable enough
  • The lines are too thin, and the lines should be prettier. Analog Rendering
  • The saleae logo should be white / look better
  • There should be a visible way to close the capture-settings flyout (art)
  • The capture-settings flyout should not cover the timing bar; it should top-align with the Start button
  • Preferences flyout should not use save/cancel to dismiss.
  • LED color is not sufficiently discoverable.
  • The design of the Preferences->Devices could use another pass.
  • Edits to Dialog in UIKit
  • The application should not have rounded edges draw inside the browser.
  • Opening a dropdown on the capture flyout should not close the flyout.
  • Selected items can not be drag/dropped
  • The current dropdown selection should not shift its position when dropdown is clicked.
  • The text-edit control should not have extra spacing at the end.
  • The graph-intersect circles should render on top of the measurement arrows.
  • The “X” close button should have the same mouseover behavior as normal buttons.
  • Links to Docz and Moc App should open in new tab
  • If frost is not available, then panel transparency should not be used.
  • Don’t allow channel button text to be selected
  • Correct alignment of capture-settings controls
  • When no channels (Digital or Analog) are selected on the capture settings flyout, associated dropdowns should be disabled.
  • Device items in preferences should always lay out correctly regardless of window width.
  • The channel label “grabber” should never display the vertical resizer
  • (6) All in-use components should update to the latest art.
  • Drop-down widths should be driven by their largest contents.
  • (2) Switch to the new Tab design.
  • (2) Two-finger-horizontal-pan should still work when the pointer is directly between channels.
  • The measurement text should have a frost/blur in a rounded rectangle shape around it…
  • [16] When dragging channels, the waveform should continue to display normally.
  • The scope view flyout should not close after starting a capture.
  • Bug in numerical timing display
  • The space bar should never cause a scroll-down behavior
  • Scope view cleanup
  • Right-click should not ever invoke the web browser menu
  • Enabling 16 Analog channels crashes the app
  • There should not be a perceptible delay between toggling a channel and that reflecting in the App.
  • Captures (w Pro 16 connected) causes a crash every now and then
  • (1) The device connection status should be displayed in the header
  • (1) Resizing the channel should automatically scale the viewstate in proportion.
  • (3) Preferences should just update settings as you go.
  • Trigger-Line: The y-position of the line should be instantaneously snapped to the mouse y position.
  • (2) Resizing the HTML window should result in buttery-smooth re-renders, and any gaps should be the application’s bg color.
  • [renderer] when in stats mode, a constant value will render 0px height lines Analog Rendering
  • (1) The capture side-panel should remain open until all the backlog is processed to 100%
  • (1) The maximum vertical-zoom-out should be limited to 50% greater than the actual maximum signal the channel can ever experience. [mark or ben]
  • If enlarging the application results in a data-gap on the right side of the graphs, the zoom should update to correct (animated)
  • The MacOS pinch-zoom should be ~x5 less sensitive and not animate. Should be 1:1. [PENDING ELECTRON]