Signal measurement window issues

Hi, it seems like the measurements shows only the timing markers timing in seconds (s) i.e. 0.000 001 992s instead of human readable readout like 1.992us

Also is there a possibility to show also the 1/t ? otherwise I have to use the external calculator
Would be cool if you’d be able to add voltage measurements - min, max, avg, RMS ?

instead of human-readable readout like 1.992us

We’re planning to fix that soon (hopefully, this sprint :slight_smile: ).

Also is there a possibility to show also the 1/t

Can you please elaborate? How do you usually use this value? I want to make that we’ll build the right solution for your problem :slight_smile:

Would be cool if you’d be able to add voltage measurements

Looks like you’re already using them. What am I missing?

Thank you for the quick response!

re 1/t measurement: this would be to measure signal component frequency based on markers or selection. Example: to measure the frequency of a non-standard infrared remote signal (it has two components - PWM carrier frequency and the data bits frequency).

re voltage measurements: this is now calculated for a region selection, not for the markes, although I see that this might be an overkill since region selection works fine

Thanks once again!

re 1/t measurement:

I see. In the next version, you’ll be able to easily add 1/T measurement (a few lines of code), would that be helpful?
The reason I’m inclined to add that we’re trying to keep the app clean and allow our users to extend it as they see fit (using High level analyzers and python measurements).

If you’d like, you can also add your idea to the feature requests board:

EDIT: Just realized that I posted this link on another conversation with you :blush:

Has this been implemented yet?
I’m on 2.3.39 and I don’t see the frequency 1/t anywhere. Not when hovering on the trace, not when explicitly adding a measurement.
I’m used to seeing it since every o-scope I’ve ever used has it.

EDIT: I also didn’t see it on the feature-requests, so maybe I’m missing something.

@phatpaul Can I know where you plan on making 1/T measurements?

Right now, there are a few ways to do this:

  • For digital channels, hovering over a period will show the measurement like shown below (width ^-1). Unfortunately, we don’t have the same immediate hover display for analog channels.

  • For analog channels, you can use the “Analog Fundamental Frequency” measurement extension available on our Extensions Marketplace to measure frequency across a range of an analog recording. The same can be done to digital channels using the “Clock Stats” Measurement extensions, which is installed by default.