RS-422 data decoding - newbie question

Hello. I’m new to Logic, I want to decode a RS-422 data stream a 9600 baud.
I was able to capture the two data lines, please see attached screen capture.
If I want to decode the data, what are my next steps ?
Thank you for your help !

@hamvention2004 Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the trouble with that! I suspect the baud rate might not be set properly, or the sampling rate might be set too low, though it’s hard to tell immediately from the image alone.

We have a few tips and recommendations for configuring your Async Serial analyzer properly. Could you go through the support article below to see if it helps?

In case you still have issues after reviewing the above article, feel free to upload your .sal capture file and we can take a look! Instructions for saving a capture file are below:

@hamvention2004 Ah you know what, I can faintly notice that the decoded bubbles start at the falling edges rather than the rising edges (I see a bit of offset). Can you also try setting it to Inverted? See image below:

Hi Tim.
Thank you very much for answering so fast. You really know your business, I only had to invert the signal and capture it again. I also changed data format to ASCII, now it is perfectly readable and usable !
I attached a copy of the capture.
Thank you again and best regards

Net Clock OK.sal (4.96 KB)

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