Modbus Analyzer

First time using the Modbus Analyzer, looking at my data (01030000000AC5CD sent, 01031433D30007000003870DDE01020000000060000001BD1F returned) in the attached capture. The analyzer is setup at a Modbus RTU master and correctly reads the sent command but incorrectly reads the response.

Is I set the analyzer to slave, it doesn’t decode anything correctly. Any help?
Modbus Capture (read holding registers - 10 registers).sal (289.3 KB)

@jon.slavic I may have gotten the response to decode properly by trimming the capture to only show the response, and using the following Modbus settings.

The checksum seems to be correct as well. I’ll provide the .sal file here.
Modbus-Slave-Only.sal (148.6 KB)

As a first step, can you confirm if the results shown above are you what you expect for the response?

If so, your issue might be related to the GitHub Issue post below, which we’ve recorded for the Modbus analyzer.

Thanks Tim, make sense. Your decode is correct. This should be a pretty simple decoder to do master and slave in one transactions with the Modbus protocol.