Bug: Data table does not show async data as a 24-bit number


When looking at the data table representation of 24-bit async serial decoded values, they are shown as 3 separate numbers instead of one 24-bit number. In the timeline view it is shown properly as 24-bit numbers.
Picture is of Logic 2.3.30

settings of the analyzer:

@sam.wendrickx Strange… Thanks for reporting this. This sounds like a bug.

Is the bug reproducible by saving and opening your capture file (.sal format)? Instructions below on how to export this file:

If so, would you mind attaching your capture file to your reply? I’d like to try and reproduce it on our end. I’m not able to reproduce this on my end, but your capture file might help with this.

Hi @timreyes I was able to reproduce it after saving and opening this capture file.
24_bit_decimal_async.sal (11.3 KB)

I can also add that I only see this for decimal numbers. If I set the analyzer to hexadecimal, then the numbers are shown properly in the data table.
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Thanks @sam.wendrickx. I can confirm the bug exists in the capture file you sent. We’ll get this added to our backlog to review! Sorry for the trouble with it in the meantime.