Change display type of DATA column in analyzers

Good day,

Back with the old software, it was possible to see data as hex and ASCII at the same time and this was very useful when analyzing framed data as it was easy to differentiate between the data part of framing from the ASCII data. With Logic 2, there appears to be only one mode at a time which is annoying because I have to switch between types.

The under the ‘Analyzers’ table where you see Type, Start, Duration, Data and Error, it would be nice in there as well to see both HEX and ASCII at the same time.

The reason I am asking is because depending on if I am analyzing the framing data or ASCII payload, when I’m in one mode, I can somewhat see where the ASCII starts but I could get mixed-up with framing bytes since they also get displayed in ASCII. Then when I am in HEX mode, I can also get mixed-up with the payload since it’s all HEX. If there was a way to have a second column for data, then I would be able to see one ASCII data and its matching HEX value.


Ben Sorry we removed this option in Logic 2! I added a note about your request in the idea post below. Feel free to add your vote to it as well.

As a workaround, you can add 2 analyzers (one for ASCII display and one for Hex display). Hopefully this works as an alternative solution for you in the meantime!

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the fast response. I didn’t realize I could add two analyzers for one channel. I just tried it and now that both analyzers appear in the graph with the data one on top of the other, I think that’s even better than the old software where I think both values were next to eachother making it difficult to see a chunk of data with both types of values.

Anyhow, it works and I don’t need to use the table anymore :slight_smile:

The other thing I was going to try to get the ASCII and HEX values was to export my captured data in a CSV file. Unfortunately, the data is only exported as binary which is of no use really. I definitely think you should have an option that exports the actual data rather than its binary representation. I know this should be a different request but I’m just throwing it in while I think of it!

From my perspective, when exporting, the timing of the bytes and such can be calculated using the other tools available in the software. However, if timing is needed in the CSV file, then perhaps there should also be an option to also display the difference with the preceeding byte. Therefore, when exporting captured data to CSV, users could specify what to export such as specifying from time x to time y, then have the option to specify how to display the data in the CSV file such as export data as ASCII in column A and HEX in column B then have another option to add a column that will display the time difference between bytes (on top of also having the capture time each byte).

Just a suggestion!



For your request above, you can get the decoded data export for the specific analyzer by following the instructions below (See section titled “Exporting Analyzer Results”):

Hope that’s what you were looking for!

Btw, thanks for your suggestion below:

We could certainly improve the options we provide when exporting decoded data. Currently, we simply export everything in the capture. We’re tracking two related ideas around this topic in links below in case you wanted to add your vote to it!