Request for small improvement in the MDIO analyzer

Hi, I don’t know if that is a problem of this particular analyzer, or of the recent Logic 2 version, but the MDIO analyzer result is very hard to… analyze :slight_smile:

Please look at the screenshot

The analyzer result bar is a continuous ribbon, without any indication where each section starts and ends. The sections should be separated, so I could see which waveform parts belong to each section. I would be much easier to make the heads or tails with the waveform. Like with UART analyzer, where each byte has its own section, when it is zoomed in enough. Here it the ribbon stays solid no matter of zoom factor.

@kazink Oh wow you’re right. This looks like a bug. I was able to immediately reproduce this with simulated data generated by our software. I suspect we didn’t specify the start/stop bounds properly when generating the decoded bubbles.

We’ll look into this and I’ll keep you updated.

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@kazink We’ve got this logged internally as a bug on our backlog. In short, we need to fix this at a core level, and potentially commit to drawing the boundaries between protocol results even if they’re merged to help with readability.

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