Possible to have an HLA read `AnalyzerFrame`s emitted from another HLA?

It seems like the HLA settings windows now only let you pick from low level protocol analyzers as the input? Is that by design, or is there someplace I need to indicate that the output frames from an HLA can be used as input to a next layer?

I’m trying to build some generic JTAG decoders and want to be able to separate the layers so I can support various combinations of wire protocols and targets.

I currently have low level analyzers that can read BSW and 4-wire, and an HLA JTAG state machine that can hook into either of those. Now trying to make the reg decoders for various targets that can read in the output of the state machine HLA.

@salfrm4 Ah, sorry we’re missing this feature. We’re tracking this feature request below.

Currently, HLAs can only accept an input from a single low level analyzer (LLA). I’ve added a comment for you in the idea post above. Feel free to add your vote to it as well in case you’d like to receive any status updates on this feature request.