Add a digital pin to

I can return AnazlyerFrame() start and end times based on the input analyzer frame passed to the decode() function. Such as SPI or UART or I2C is input analyzer. But also useful is to have an extra input pin, i.e. an interrupt pin, to permit drawing the returned AnalyzerFrame() with the end time of interrupt occurring., or perhaps some other pin connected to the logic analyzer. Maybe this is addressed in FrameV2 or something?


HLAs currently only input from one low-level analyzer (LLA). There is an open request to change this:

… otherwise, you would need to fork the LLA you’re interested in and add any extra I/O signal(s) to the FrameV2 output stream so the HLA can bind & process from only one source.

Possible concept for Saleae to consider: a FrameV2 ‘aggregation switch’ analyzer that can simply merge all the V2 frames from selected multiple other analyzers (existing LLAs and/or HLAs) and output identical frames from the new source. Just need internal access to the frame buffer/stream and then selectively clone frames based on user configuration. Might help to have some built-in filtering, but a downstream HLA could do that if needed. With this approach, possibly no need to refactor existing analyzers or internal frame system.

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