HLA monitoring two sources

Hi. Had a Logic8 for about 30mins so far and love it! Wow.

I would like to write an HLA that monitors two (AsyncSerial) sources. It would monitor the master and slave comms of a serial bus. I see how easy it is to write a python HLA monitoring one side, but is it possible to get an AnalyzerFrame from each channel so I can check for bus sync issues?

Sure, I could instantiate the HLA twice and monitor each channel individually, but it doesnt allow me to verify the slave response is valid given the master request.

If this isn’t supported yet, perhaps a suggested implementation might be to detect how many AnalyzerFrame arguments are in the decode(…) function, so for example this decode method:

    def decode(self, ch1_frame: AnalyzerFrame, ch2_frame: AnalyzerFrame):

The settings window would reflect the decode method and see two AnalyzerFrame args so populate the settings window with two source channel selectors.

Hi @colin - This is unfortunately not possible right now. In the meantime, i went ahead and added your feature request in an idea post below:

We’ll continue tracking for interest in this in the post above and will take your decode() definition into account once I discuss this with the team here.

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I just saw the existing Idea for this:

You can therefor delete the new entry you made in Ideas. Sorry, didnt see the other post here until now:

@colin Thanks for pointing that out! I went ahead and merged them both together.

I also had this issue. I’ve been using sockets to connect the two HLAs and let them communicate with each other, but it’s been a bit finnicky getting the timing right.

@sam.kovnar Oh wow, that’s great you’ve been able to get something working, albeit being finnicky. Would you mind letting me know what kind of data you are trying to get out of your capture, and how your software, analyzers, and hardware are set up? I’d love to understand your use case a bit more.