Building HLA on Custom LLA

Hi, I have a custom low level analyzer that my company built and I am wanting to build a high level analyzer on top of it to group the various packets of data to decode the various bytes and whatnot.

My question is can a custom LLA be used to make a HLA, I see when using an analyzer it says only “Async Serial, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, Manchester, 1-Wire, Parallel, LED, and I2S / PCM” are supported.
Is this because they are built with the frame V2 which has different hooks for the HLAs or can I modify the custom LLA I have to support HLAs.

Here is an example of the LLA output that I am trying to decode.
I want to extract the address, lookup the register info, and decode the read/write data bites

See FrameV2 / HLA Support - Analyzer SDK which describes the changes required for FrameV2 support.


Thank you so much! That link was pretty much all I needed to convert everything!