Can an HLA determine the LLA type its working with?

I have an HLA I’d like to be able to work with various LLAs. I need to be able to decode frames based on the LLA type - a I2C “address” is different than an async serial “address”. So, can the HLA determine what type of LLA it’s being used with and perhaps even what options may have been selected for the LLA?

Hmm… you have a good point given that both cases are designated as an “address.” In this specific example, Async Serial addresses are of “bool” type while I2C addresses are of “bytes” type, so you could take action depending on the address type.

It would differ on a case by case basis though, and this is sort of a messy way of checking this. I’ll double check this with the software team to see if there’s a cleaner way.

I do the type thing already, but that doesn’t scale well across LLAs.

Ideal would be a member on HighLevelAnalyzer that provided the name(s) of the host analyzer(s). That works in the future when the host may be another HLA. :smiley:

@P.Jaquiery I went ahead and posted your feature request here:

I got to speak with Mark and Neel about this, and we agree this idea is great. Thanks again!

Some of this sounds similar to some of the stuff we discussed back in the thread:

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