Can a HLA find info about the config of its input analyzer?

I’m writing a small transaction-translator HLA for a chip with non-standard SPI settings (LSB first instead of MSB first). I’m wondering if there’s any way to get info about the config of the input analyzer (SPI) from the HLA, so that the HLA can automatically know whether it should flip the bit order or not when interpreting data - depending on how the user has set up their SPI analyzer.

The settings I’m talking about are these (significant bit, clock state, clock phase, etc.):

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@Simen This is a great idea! Sadly, HLAs don’t have the ability to grab those settings right now.

One idea we are tracking right now is to simply give HLAs the ability to determine the LLA it’s working on, and we’d add-on from there. We’re tracking that particular idea below:

I ended up adding a comment for you as well to ensure that we also remember to grab the underlying LLA settings as per your idea.

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