HLA Organization for Multiple Related Protocols

I’m starting to write High Level Analyzers for several protocols. They are all based on I2C. For example, one is a proprietary protocol (PPA) over HID-I2C. My end goal is to have four protocols shown in the Logic UI.

  • I2C → HID
  • I2C → HID → PPA
  • I2C → PPB
  • I2C → PPC

From what I’ve learned I can not have one HLA (e.g. HID-I2C) be the input to another (e.g. PPA). Therefore, it seems like I have to accept some duplicate processing between protocols. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I would like to minimize the duplicate code by putting common code in common files. To accomplish this is it acceptable to put multiple HLA JSON files in a single directory?

Any input is appreciated.


Searching the roadmap I found, “Allow single HLA to generate multiple bubble tracks”. The work around of creating multiple instances of the same HLA, each with a different color and bubble track, sounds like a good solution for what I want to do as well.

I’d like to find a way to, “Set HLA Titles Based On Settings”, so that Analyzers section showed something like the following.

  • My Analyzer (HID)
  • My Analyzer (PPB)

@eric.blom I’m glad to hear you’re starting to create your own High Level Analyzers! Also, I’m just now realizing that a previous post that I replied to was directly related to solving the issue noted on this forum post here. Although we don’t provide the capability to edit analyzer names via the HLA itself, hopefully the workarounds I provided there helps!

This is correct. Unfortunately, HLAs currently cannot be used as inputs to other HLAs.

Thanks for your help @timreyes !