Set HLA Title Based On Settings

Is there a way to set the Analyzer’s title based on the user’s settings? I expect users to add multiple instances of my HLA each with different settings. It would be nice if I could programmatically put some of that setting information in to the Analyzer title so that the user could tell which instance had which settings.

@eric.blom This would be a great idea! Unfortunately, this is not possible since the analyzer’s name is not tied to the configurable user settings.

In the meantime, I’ve posted the idea to our ideas site below:

Having said that, one workaround might be to instruct your users to create presets that utilize your HLA. The preset would save analyzer configurations, as well as their names.

Another option would be to utilize our Automation API to create a script that would add your HLA with a particular name and configuration.

  • add_high_level_analyzer(extension_directory, name, *, input_analyzer, settings=None, label=None)

Thank you for the suggestions @timreyes . I’ll checkout the two methods you suggested.