Set the input analyzer in the python code

I developped an HLA which should be over the Async Serial.
When I want to make the HLA analyzes the data, I have to manually select ASync Serial as the input analyzer in the settings window.
How to make it selected by the python code directly, because there is no other choice possible?
Thanks for your help.

@assistanceinformatiq Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is possible. Let me double check with the software team here in case there might be a workaround for that. I’ll let you know if so.

This is something we do want to handle well.

What I have in mind is that HLA developers will be able to optionally automatically create the LLA at the same time the HLA is added, so the user won’t need to do this. Then the HLA can optionally control some or all of the LLA settings, optionally leaving some settings exposed to the user as needed.

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