Period HLA

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I want to get period of each falling edges of a PWM signal. In order to do that, I tried to write a HLA, however I couldn’t understand how I can get the falling or rising information of the edges.

Can you give me a hand?

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Install one of the various Pulse extensions and have a look at their code. Things like “Pulse Count”, “Pulse Stats”, “Duty Cycle”, “Clock Stats” and quite a few others do stuff that deals with rising and falling edges.


Thanks for your answer. I may be wrong, but pulse extensions that I can found in Logic 2 software are digital measurements, not HLA. I don’t want to use the measurement, I want to write the period time on the between of two falling edges like below. Can I read the channel by using HLA or should I work on LLA?


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Yes, an HLA is what you need for that. A simple hack that might get you where you need to be is use the Simple Parallel analyzer with two inputs connected to each pin of interest, then set up a the analyzer using the two pins as data and clock lines respectively. Set the clock for dual edge. Then you can write your HLA using the data from the LLA.