Advice to create a test system with Logic Pro

It is my first day experimenting with my Logic 8 Pro, and I’m checking the Automation Script documentation to see if I can use the logic analyzer to implement a simple test system. This system has one PCB connected to my laptop over USB CDC (let’s call it PCB A), and another PCB (PCB X), that receives some stimuli from the PCB A. I’m able to send commands to PCB A using Python and it generates some digital pulses that trigger actions on PCB X. I would like to use the Logic Pro to read some PCB X outputs and measure/count things like rising/falling edges, high level periods, etc. What I’m thinking is a closed loop system where I can control the system inputs and verify the system outputs with Python + Logic Pro.

I’m wondering what is the best way to count edges/periods from Python. Is it possible to do with the Automation Script only or I should be using the Automation Script + a custom Analyzer that would count edges+time?

Can you point me the right direction before I dig too deep in the documentation? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@jacqueshache007 Thanks for describing your test setup. For your question below:

There are a few measurement extensions available from our Extensions Marketplace within the app that might help. Namely, the default installed Clock Stats extension might do the trick.

Here is our documentation for using measurement extensions below:

Having said that, applying measurements to captures via our Automation API is currently not available, but we’re tracking this request below. Feel free to add your vote to it! I just added a comment for you so we can keep track of your need for this feature.

Thanks for your reply, Tim.

So, if I understand correctly, the only option available to implement my idea today is to export the captured data to a csv file and post-process it?

Can you confirm, please?

Thank you

@jacqueshache007 Yes, unfortunately, if you require the ability to take measurements via an automation workflow, then post-processing the exported files produced by your automation script is the only option available at the moment.