Pulse Counter

Can the Saleae logic analyzer be configured as a pulse counter ? I would like to count the number of clock pulse (cycles) sent to a logic device under test.


If you mean in real time, not so far as I know.

If you mean “how many pulses are in that block?”, then there are several Extensions that do that. Look for the image button on the right hand sidebar. That allows you to manage extensions. Of interest are “Clock Stats” and “Pulse Stats”. There may be others, but these are the two I use most (I wrote one of them and Saleae wrote the other).

To use an extension install it (if it isn’t installed yet) and enable it. In the data pane Shift+drag over the region of interest. A window will pop up with the measurement results. If the drag area is large and there are many events the calculations may take some time.

Thank you Peter.
The extensions you suggested will be really helpful for the testing I’m doing. I did also find a “Pulse Count” extension that works particularly well.