Time Analysis of Digital Channels using Looping type

I am Trying to do automation for the 8 channels and need to analyze the time for every channel when it is going to high based upon the previous one.

@tarun.akurati Thanks for writing in. I have some follow up questions for you to try and gather more information on your specific requirements.

  1. Which specific Saleae Logic model do you own out of the ones pictured below?
    How to Identify Each Saleae Device | Saleae Support

  2. Our Automation API does not support the ability to automatically add measurement boxes or timing markers to your capture file, though these can be added manually. Would this ability help in your case?

I’m not sure just what you are trying to do, but my Time Delta Low Level Analyzer may help.

1.I am using Logic Pro 16
2.I want to measure through automation so i think it will not help in that case

@P.Jaquiery can we try to see once if it helps to help my time analysis

@P.Jaquiery can you let me know your available time so that i will try to schedule a call over to check