Histogram mode

We want to measure real-time latency and also interested in seeing its min/avg/mean/max statistical distribution.

Does logic pro 16 with latest sw support this kind of histogram mode?

@hfkou Can you share an example capture file (.sal file) or image that shows the kind of latency you were interested in? Instructions are below for generating capture files.

We unfortunately don’t have a histogram display. If you require generating statistical time difference data between digital edges across a specified time range, and across multiple channels, then we may not have a solution for you.

However, if you require measuring the same as above, but contained within a single channel, then it could be possible via a measurement extension:

Our measurement extensions are currently confined to a single channel, and cannot analyze data across multiple channels (hence the limitation described above).

Here is an example for latency histogram:


It could be from 2 channels, like 1st channel for t0 and 2nd channel for t1, and t1 - t0 = latency. one example is to we can toggle GPIO-0 for t0 and another GPIO-1 for t1 in software, also connect these 2 GPIOs to 2 channel of logic pro 16, then the question is how to show histogram diagram for t1 - t0 = latency?

Btw, which extension can show single channel’s min/avg/max and mean/dev?

@hfkou For single channel mean/min/max pulse stats, you can refer to Peter’s Pulse Stats extension. This could be helpful if latency is synchronized with the rising/falling edges of a single GPIO output.

We unfortunately don’t have a way of displaying this as a plot though. One feature I could see that could help is the ability to allow streaming of measurement extension data to an export file, which would allow for curve plotting via a 3rd party app. Right now, data is simply delivered as simple text.