Option to isolate Maximum/Minimum duration in digital channel

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a filter option to isolate digital pulse which are greater than specific time duration.

For example,
I am measuring the execution time of specific function by making GPIO pin HIGH before calling that function and making LOW after calling that function, and the time is varying depends on certain condition. Expected execution time is 28us but sometimes it consumes more time, like 34us, 43us and 48us. Now I want to isolate the data which are high, like HIGH duration is greater than 28us to analyze and check how frequently it occurs.

Is there a way to perform this in Logic 2?
If not can we consider it as improvements?


My “Pulse Stats” High Level Analyzer available in the Extensions side bar would help with that and would be a great place to start to generate your own extension to do exactly what you want.

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@palani.balasubramani This is actually a great use case, and something I expect to be a fairly common need.

Right now, @P.Jaquiery 's “Pulse Stats” extension gets fairly close to what you need.

Something we want to address at some point is to add more sophisticated features to our measurement extension ecosystem, such as region highlighting, adding markers, etc.

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Thanks @P.Jaquiery for your suggestions :slight_smile:

@timreyes Good to hear that…

We can provide a filter option (May be only on captured data bcz with real time data we may introduce complexity) with pulse HIGH/LOW duration, color code, after/before recorded time.

In the output, we can also provide filter pulse count - total number of pulse met the filter condition.

Color code can be used to draw only the filter pulse. For example, if channel 0 uses by default white color, we can use filter color code to draw only for pulse which meets the filter condition.

These are all suggestions based on my thought process, we can take opinion from others too.

I will also check with “Pulse Stats” extension.


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