New Feature Request - Software Filters

Do you have any plans to add software filter to filter out the signal i.e. below 60Hz ?

We don’t have any plans for that at the moment tbh. Would you like to add that to our feature requests board?

Sorry for not being more helpful

Hi thanks! You are plenty helpful :slight_smile:
I am currently exporting the signal to matlab, running FFT with a window and a filter and rebuilding the signal back. This is fine :slight_smile:

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We’re planning to build features like FFT as extensions (where you can process the data using Python and display it back on the screen)

Would love an FFT on the waveform live. Maybe this is doable with the Analyzer API nowadays?

Unfortunately, not yet. Analog channels are not available in the Low Level Analyzer SDK, so only digital waveforms can be processed by LLAs. The High Level Analyzer API does provide for analog measurements, but as far as I know you can’t get user customization of analog channels on ‘live’ waveform data stream (which only input from FrameV2 data coming from LLAs), per:

Also, even if you could get the analog channel data – the second issue would be how to display the FFT graphically. Right now, you can’t bind to a GUI framework within the native Saleae plug-in python environment without workaround for adding local extensions of the python environment (e.g., see: Third party libraries with HLAs - #2 by john).

Bottom line: I think there is limited analog channel support with ‘official’ APIs and SDKs at the moment. For now, Analog channel data is only available for text-based metrics on a user-selected ‘range’ of data (i.e., an analog measurement type of HLA that runs on a fixed time interval of one channel in a stopped capture).