Add a plot for HLA analyzed result(signal)

Hello, can we add a plot to show a signal’s value change on the screen with HLA extensions

This isn’t possible at the moment, however, we’re tracking a similar feature request below. Is this the kind of functionality you are looking for?

If so, we’d love to learn more about what kind of plots you are looking to create.


Yes, similar as Canlyzer signal display

Frank Lin/Li Lin

@linliawxm I didn’t completely understand what you meant by “Canlyzer signal display.” The feature request post I linked summarizes a need for displaying decoded data results as an analog waveform. A common example would be to convert I2S decoded data into an audio analog signal that a user could view.

Is this the kind of functionality you were looking for, or were you looking for something else?

Hello Tim

The Canalyzer is a software from Vector for monitoring and analyzing CAN signals.
Basically it is just to show signals value change as a line chart. I think it is same as the common example you mentioned.


Tim via Saleae - Logic 2 <> 于2023年9月18日周一 14:55写道:

Here is an example

@linliawxm Thanks for confirming that for me. I’ve added a link back to this forum post in the feature request post below so we can refer back to it if needed.

+1, would really like this to be able to

  • plot audio data
  • change the y-axis to say “current” or “power”, i.e. assuming you have a current-mirror shunt outputting voltage. then you want a little config option + formula that converts the voltage-value to a more useful current plot (ref: joulescope)
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