HLA for Audio waveform please

would be super if we could plot data like an audio-waveform within a HLA

really missing the ability to take I2S to a visual form like you had in the old xmos development tools
this would obviously also suggest being able to listen back to it

related question:

  • is it possible to stream the captured i2s data via a socket on the same machine to say another python process that would pipe it to coeraudio/portaudio and such…!?

@janny-bb Thanks for the request. I added a comment for you in the idea post we are tracking for this feature below.

Having said that, we’re also tracking a separate feature request for providing the ability to implement custom export options like below.

You can export your I2S data after a capture is complete via exporting the analyzer results manually, or via using our Automation API. I’ve provided some links below.


As an alternative option, you could write to an external file from within a Python HLA that sits on top of the I2S analyzer. This is not something we’ve tested nor have examples to share, but some details of a potential implementation can be found below:

This TDM / I2S analyzer allows you to export the data as a .wav file:

Not exactly what you are asking for, but it does get you some of the way there.