HLA Feature Request - Virtual Analog Channel

I’d like to see possibility to add virtual analog channel, where HLA (or regular analyzer) can inject signal values decoded from digital frames (like I2S, PCM, PWM) as samples to visualize it as waveform.

Yes, a variety of us have already asked for such things. So, the good news is that they know we want it. The bad news is that it isn’t likely to happen instantly or soon. You might go to the ideas site and vote for the ideas you’d most like to see: https://ideas.saleae.com/b/feature-requests/

I think you’ll find that your idea is already there so you can vote for it to amplify its visibility.


Hey, Rani from the Saleae here. First of all, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:
As @Collin said, we’d love to add that feature but we don’t have a timeline yet. However, I’d love to learn more about how you’d like to use a feature like that. Would you like to see the graph side by side with the digital data or just to be able to easily draw it?
For example, we had an idea of attaching Python Notebooks and allow users to analyze (and draw) the data using them.

What do you think?

I’d like analog output best as a new trace so it is easy to align in time with other data. I wouldn’t care so much if it lagged during sampling, or even if it wasn’t shown at all until after sampling stopped. I can think of use cases however where the calculated data was the most important thing during sampling to determine when an interesting event has occurred.

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yes. I was also thinking to have separate window to show this, but it will be better to have it as analog output (virtual) where samples are generated on the start or end frame (might be configured). This allow us to correlate data with analog view, use zoom functionality, markers, analog measurement enhancements, etc.