Display difference between (analog) channels, create "virtual" channel

I know this has been asked before (not only by me;) but now after a log “sw only break” I’m back using Logic 16 PRO, and for the first tests/measurements I really would love to have this feature now
(task: measure current via 2 voltage channels from a 0.1 Ohm shunt, show delta-voltage or directly scale to current and/or power (times voltage).

anything new for 2.3.36++ about comparing/combing data channels without exporting and using external tools (as I like your UI for first data checks & selection;)


@harald.koenig2 This feature is certainly up there in terms of priority! Though, we unfortunately don’t have this officially on the roadmap yet.

In case you haven’t already, feel free to vote on it in the meantime.

I added a comment for you with a link to this thread to track your need for this. I suspect shunt measurements would be a very common use case. Apologies for not having an update on this feature yet.

@harald.koenig2 By the way, these idea posts below are somewhat related, but for shunt measurements, the Math feature seems most ideal in your case.

Just thought I’d send these over your way since you also mentioned “comparing/combining” channels.

The virtual channel has been around for a while.

See for example