Analog Low Level Analyzer

I am trying to write a low level analyzer to decode an FSK radio signal that is down converted to 100KHz. I was able to build the SampleAnalyzer project and was able to start working with it. I want to work with it as an analog signal instead of a digital one. I was able to modify the AnalyzerSettings to select the channel I want but when I do it automatically adds the channel as a digital one. Is there a way to select the channel as analog?

@ejohn1164 Thanks for checking. Unfortunately, analog channels are currently not supported with low level analyzers. We’re currently tracking interest in this feature in the idea post below:

I’ve added a comment for you so we can track your use case. What kind of voltage levels are you working with? The workaround I can think of would be to work with a digital channel so long as the signal can effectively cross the digital threshold during the rising/falling edges of the signal.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the signal out of the mixer sits at around 2 volts with a 400mVpp max signal. I will try to add a comparator circuit to the output to digitize the signal.

Ah I see. A digitizer would be the best approach to ensure the correct frequency readings without duty cycle fluctuations caused by our Logic’s fixed voltage threshold.