Minor feedback on alpha 1

  • I happened to open the program as a small window. The Measurement settings menu covers most of the window and then it’s not obvious how to close it. Clicking outside does it so it’s fine, but I’d suggest a cross on the fly out, for close, just like the application’s settings.

  • The color line per channel is too thin I think. It’s especially problematic for analog channels, with the extra drawer handle making it less visible. I think the left-most area, with the channel numbers and 6 dots handle would be perfect to place the color coding.

  • The whole channel label and name are usable to grab and drag, that’s good! Are the 6 dot handles necessary then?

  • The channel index and name column has constant width. Could it be made minimizable or resizable?

  • Same for the right “Start Demo” column. It’s a lot of screen real estate stolen to show “Recording” and “Memory”. I know you mentioned more info would show up later, but it’s still very wide. I don’t think you should require users to run in full screen. You should aim for the interface to be usable (even enjoyable?) in half screen width.

  • It seems to me that you are still drawing the window bar and decorations on your own, rather than letting the Window Manager do it (I saw the rounded corners)? It doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s working in my non-reparenting WM, but I consider good practice to let the WM do its job. Some users (especially true for your customer base, I think) tweak their WM, and they don’t want applications to override their efforts, it’s not a very humble thing to do. I’m not sure if it’s a framework thing, or that you required the hamburger menu on the title bar. Either way, my WM doesn’t draw title bars at all, and I don’t see why Logic would be the only program that decides to do it anyway.

Yes, this is actually already logged and will be done.

Agreed. I can’t even see some of the colors. Will mention when the new designer reviews.

Imo they hint at draggability. Will mention when the designer reviews.

Yes and they should be for sure. Their usefulness currently is quite limited. Will mention when the designer reviews.

Yes,it will be adjustable width shortly.

This is getting drawn in a chrome window so I’m not sure what that actually looks like on your machine; The rounded edges inside the chrome window itself should not be there and it’s a logged issue. Once we get into electron we will have more control and the designer and I will review.

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