Make Measurement and Timing interface consistent

When I create a measurement (Ctrl+M), I’m expected to drag to select the desired range. So mouse down at the start, move the mouse, then mouse up at the end.

When I create a timing pair (Ctrl+T), I’m expected to click once at the start, and click once at the end.

Why are these different? I would suggest making them consistent.

@kostka Thanks for bringing this up! I just spoke with the team here, and we absolutely agree. We have this on the backlog to fix.

There would be a good argument for Ctrl+T Click, Click if the clicks don’t place when the cursor is dragged while the button is down. That doesn’t happen and if the point you want to place the marker isn’t visible some fussy zooming is required.

So maybe a better way to be consistent is to use the two click method for both Ctrl+T and Ctrl+M (seems to be Ctrl+G out of the box for me on Windows) with the addition of “drag while placing”. That still leaves Shift-drag to select a measurement region without needing to use Ctrl+M.

By “drag while placing” I mean that if the mouse button is pressed then the mouse is moved holding the button down a normal “drag the trace” happens and the select/marker end isn’t placed (on button release the cursor changes back to the select/marker cursor). That allows fairly intuitive navigation around the data during measurement area selection and marker placement.