Can you scroll/pan with timing markers?

If I press ctrl-t I am usually setting the first marker, but the second marker is often further away. I usually use the scroll to zoom out, drag the waveform where I want to zoom in, then apply the second market. The problem is that I can zoom out, but if I try to click and drag, it assigns the marker. Is there any way to drag and zoom without setting it yet?

@alank2 Sorry for the trouble with that… Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of panning while placing a timing marker, but your need for it makes a lot of sense. I’ll bring this up with the team here.

One workaround is to zoom out with the mouse scroll wheel, move the mouse pointer over to the region where you’d like to place the timing marker, and zoom in with the mouse scroll wheel (certainly a clunky way of doing it, I know).

Thanks Tim; that is the technique I’ve been using, or just placing it and moving it. I guess I’m a bit used to the grab and drag!

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For discussion around this see [Your Input Needed] Timing Marker User Interaction (Poll).

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