Logic2 - Headless start

We are working on an application that will be started as a service on a Windows PC in-vehicle at ignition. No user is logged in.
This application will continuously save captures when external events are registered. For this purpose, we need a headless start (without GUI) of the Logic2.
Is this supported in latest 2.4.9 release? What options do we have?
Another possible approach would be that Logic2 is also started as a service and monitored externally as a windows service if it is up.

@maria.sebu Thanks for sharing your application requirements. We do provide the ability to perform software functions via a Python script using our Automation API (documentation linked below). As an example, this would allow you to programatically start captures, save captures, and repeat that process in a loop.

Unfortunately, however, we don’t currently support running Logic 2 in headless mode, but it is possible to run Logic 2 in headless Linux environments using XVFB. Apologies this isn’t supported on Windows at this time.

There are currently a handful of other requests we are keeping an eye on with regards to headless support. That discussion is in the forum post below:

I’ll share your request with the team here internally as well.