Starting capture using script

I am using Logic 2 during development of a product. In order to get certain functionality working in hardware, I frequently follow a sequence of operations like this:

  1. Reset an embedded device
  2. Press “Start capture” in Logic 2
  3. Run some shell commands that produce certain stimuli
  4. Press “Stop capture” in Logic 2
  5. Look at captured data to figure out what’s going on

While step 5 is inherently manual, step 1 through 4 are purely repetitive and a prime target for automation. Steps 1 and 3 are easily accomplished using a simple shell script, but I have so far not found a way to start and stop a capture in Logic 2. The Logic 2 automation API seems to only be designed for headless/automated capture without a human looking at the data, and can’t simply start a capture in an existing tab. Is there any known workaround for this?

@armin.brauns Thanks for explaining your use case. Unfortunately, our Automation API isn’t designed with this functionality in mind right now. We’re currently tracking all feature requests related to using automation functions in combination with normal GUI use in the feature request post below.

I’ve added a comment for you to track your need for this, and feel free to add your vote to it as well! Apologies we don’t have a workaround for you at the moment.