Getting a capture instance

Is there a way to get a “capture” instance of the running session using the API?
I mean , I want to open Logic using python script , check if there’s a session running , if yes , return the “capture” of it?

As far as I understand it, the Automation API is currently designed to only start its own new sessions and captures (automatically initiated via API) vs. work on an existing session that was initiated interactively (i.e., manually started by end user). There is an open idea to add this capability, if you’d like to vote on it:

… but for now, I don’t think your use case is supported in the current software. Instead, the Automation API currently will only start its own new tab from scratch vs. do anything with an existing tab that wasn’t started by the API. This allows the automation API to have a known starting point for ensuring repeatability in automation testing, but doesn’t (yet) inherit from any sessions with manual actions done first.