API - Using stored capture/file as template for new capture

I see that it is relatively easy to load a previously saved capture using the API, this pops up in the Logic app.

from saleae import automation
import os

with automation.Manager.connect(port=10430) as manager:

        manager.load_capture(os.path.join(os.getcwdb(), b"template.sal"))

How can I use a the device settings from this (stored) capture to reconfigure the device and create/start a new capture, from the board under test?

I think it is easier to configure the device in the app and auto-magically copy that, than to have to re-create the configuration in Python code.

Bonus question - how do I trigger the app to close this stored configuration? The code snippet will leave the capture open as a tab in the Logic app…


I don’t think there is any automated method for copying settings from an existing capture.

The load_capture() API returns a Capture object, and you can just call the close() API on it, as long as you save the return value to something you can reference.

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Thank you for the response.

When viewing the capture in the App, you can see what the device settings were… so surely the Saleae devs can make these available via the API… pretty please. :smile:


@simon1 We unfortunately don’t have a way of grabbing settings from an existing capture using our Automation API. Is there a particular reason you need this feature, and can you share more details on your specific workflow where this ability would be helpful?

I wished I could say that our Automation API can load previously saved preset files automatically as well. Currently, all capture settings need to be configured one by one using our Automation API.

The data is certainly there to extract - it’s just that we haven’t implemented the ability to do so. Feel free to post this feature request on our ideas site below however. I don’t think we’ve received this request yet, but we’d love to start keeping track of user interest in this feature. I can also post it on your behalf if you prefer.

Hi Tim,
No particular reason/task… a couple of us have Saleaes at work and I was experimenting how we could make more use of them.

The general thought was that ‘adjusting’ the settings for a (future/automated) capture is easier done in the App, rather than specific coding in a script in Python. ie save a ‘template’ file that the script references.

I’ve open a ‘suggestion’.

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