Realtime HLA frame inspection when using Automation api

Hello, I’m currently attempted to use the Logic 2 Automation Interface to inspect data in real time (or near real time). I understand this is not supported out of the box, so I have attempted to use a HLA to stream data over a socket. When running a capture directly in Logic 2 I see the HLA performing as expected and data being processed in near realtime. However, when using the Automation API to start a capture it does not appear that the HLA is run until after the capture is stopped, at which point the entire session is then immediately processed by the HLA. Is this expected behavior? Is it possible to have an HLA process frames at the same frequency when using Automation to capture a session as happens when using Logic 2 directly?

When using Automation I’m currently performing 5 second timed captures.

@bjoneal Our Automation API unfortunately does not have the capability to add LLAs (C++ low level analyzers) or HLAs (Python high level analyzers) while a capture is ongoing. Because of this, your proposed solution would not be possible given the limitations of our Automation API.

Feel free to post your request to add this capability to our Automation API via our ideas site below. We’re unfortunately unable to work on this anytime soon due to other priority projects, but we’d love to start tracking user interest in this in the meantime before we commit it to the roadmap.

As an alternative, one feature request we are currently tracking however is the ability to perform automation functions on pre-existing sessions. The link for this is below, and this may work in your use case as well.

Apologies we don’t have an immediate solution for you.