Logic 2 API / automation feature request

I just started recently using the automation API functions, using Python scripts; as I am new to Python I was astonished how easy it was to get started.
I use the automation for long time data recording (SMBus communication for 2 systems in parallel), starting a timed recording for e.g. 5 minutes, then saving the data to a .sal file and immediatly starting a new recording; this way I am only loosing ~3seconds of data.
With a second automation script (normally done on a different PC) I am analysing the data, opening the session (in a loop, processing all .sal files in a directory), using the standard SMBus analyzer and exporting the data to csv files which I later process in a third step using Excel VBA scripts.

What would be helpful for me related to the automation would be the following:

  • cannot find a way to extract metadata (like time stamp start / end of capture, number of samples per channel, etc) from a stored session. (currently I am using python functions to extract the windows timestamp of the .sal file, then subtracting the recording time)
  • there seems to be no possibility to set the x zoom for the live display during capture; if it would be possible to have a fixed zoom this would make it easier to see irregularities
  • after the easy first steps with automation it was pretty hard to find good examples for certain automation functions; would be nice to have a page giving examples (would contribute my examples as well)

@wgoebel I’m glad to hear you’ve got an automation flow working so far. My replies are below.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quick response, was helpful. Remarks see below

Good work, best regards