Logger script in python / work without a graphical interface

I have one problem with use saeale device in linux without graphical interface (Arch x64). In product page I see that is version for linux (Ubuntu) but it only for systems with graphical interface.
In PyPi i found python package:
It could have met my expectations but when I tested this on windows system I noticed it is not on independent software. It depends on Logic application (without running the Logic application, the python script does not work ).
Do you have similar experiences with this library? Is there an independent python library?
Do you have any other idea to run saeale on a system without a desktop environment?
(Run, I mean run the measurement for a specified time and save the result to a file. )

Thanks for answers,

@pawel.duszejko.3 Our Logic software (and therefore our Logic analyzers) are unfortunately not designed to be run in a non-GUI environment. The Logic software must be running in order for our automation scripting utility to talk to it.

We would love to work on supporting something like this in the future. Unfortunately, being a team of only 3 software engineers has forced us to prioritize working on other features at the moment.

Firstly, we would need to get automation support ported to our newer Logic 2 app (feature request is below). This would be of higher priority for us.

In the meantime, we would be happy to start keeping track of users who might need our software to run in a non-GUI environment. In this case, feel free to get this idea posted on our ideas site below! We would love to hear from other users who might also need a similar feature:

Apologies again we don’t have an immediate solution for you.