Headless Start

I want to ask if the new Version can be started “Headless” --> without GUI?
The reason behind the Question is that we are using automated Testing and which is being done on Server through Jenkins. The Software(s) required must run “Headless” because of Jenkins since Desktop is not available. I have had this issue for a Long time that I could not start the Software through JenkinsFile and then Customer Support Official has confirmed that the GUI should be ON at all time and that it can’t run “Headless”.
If this feature is in discussion or in future release then will be great.

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Hi Shahbaz - thanks for the question - and welcome!

  1. The system should have a great ‘automation api’ which allows you to script any behaviors you can do ‘by hand’.

  2. . The system should be able run this automation API totally headless, on a system that does not have a windows manager.

This is a very important question to figure out. Let me chat with Mark & Rani about this.

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I want to second this. Mark and I have spoken about this at some length. We use Logic for integration tests in our CI/CD cycle. We want to run tests in response to commits and pull requests, without human intervention, from a makefile.

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