Logic Pro 16 Holder

I’m searching for an arm-shaped holder that could ease the use of Logic on my crowded table, something like this:

Do you have suggestions?

Good question. I have a similar problem, usually my solution is to find better organization for everything else on my desk :slight_smile:

Unfortunately our products don’t have any mounting features designed in. In the past, we’ve used Velcro straps to attach our products where we needed to record data from a DUT that mechanically moved.

Another idea would be to design an adapter like this one, which would allow you to mount the device to some sort of arm using a screw:

That design is for the Logic Pro 8, so it would need to be redesigned to fit a Pro 16.

It also seems likely that our product could fit well into a phone-to-tripod adapter like this one:

That would open up your options to include anything that was designed for holding a camera.

Please let us know if you’re able to find a solution! We’ll also discuss this internally, since the ability to mount our products might be useful in a wide range of applications.