Can someone send an image showing how the carrying case that comes with the logic 8 should be arranged?

I’m trying to fit everything in the case cleanly and am running in to some issues. If possible can somebody send a picture of their case or a factory case holding all of the components?

Thank you for your time

@daniel.abdi I don’t have a device and case immediately handy at the moment, however, I found a photo via search of our Logic 8 product, and I hope that helps!
Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 8.04.03 PM


:smiley: that looks a lot different than the cases that came with the different logic devices.

Sorry for the poor quality photo. Also I don’t remember for sure which case went with which ones. The third unit (Pro 8) is not shown as it is connected up to some stuff on my messy desk.

Looks like we’ve got just about every generation of our cases pictured! The one I shared is our current carrying case.

@KurtE From left to right in your photo:
Gen2 case → Gen1 case → Gen2 case

Gen2 was what was included with Logic 4, 8, Pro 8, and Pro 16 up until around 2018-ish if I recall correctly. Gen1 was the original, likely for that Logic16 you have pictured on the right.