Logic 2.4.0 strange analyzer behavior

I get this error message when starting the logic 2.4.0 software on a windows 10 machine:
What is strange about it is that the same analyzer works just fine on another windows 10 machine with the same 2.4.0 logic software. The analyzer was built on that machine, not on mine.
Is there something else that I should carry over except the dll of the analyzer?
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Sorry for the trouble!

If it works on one machine, but not the other, it’s probably an issue with the version of the MSVC C++ Runtime that the analyzer is linked with.

Does the working computer have visual studio installed?

Any chance you built the analyzer for debug? If you built it with CMake without specifying release, I believe this will use the debug runtime by default too.

In visual studio, try building the analyzer for release, then copying over the new release dll and see if that works.

If not, please let us know, and send as much as you can - the visual studio project, or github repo that holds the project.

thank you @markgarrison
rebuilding for Release worked fine

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