Failed to load Custom Analyzer on Windows10


I have a custom low level TDM Analyzer, which I can use on my PC very well on my Windows 10 PC.
But, if I try to load the same DLL on another Windows 10 PC, I get the below error

This Analyzer works on my PC in Logic 1 SW also. But on another PC, it doesn’t work in Logic 1 too.

Popup doesn’t give much information on what is wrong with the DLL. I tried looking it up in the discuss forum. But I see, no one has encountered such an issue on Windows specifically. Please help !!

@rohit.walavalkar Sorry to hear about this issue! Apologies for my delay in reply by the way. A few of us have been out of office during this week. We’re catching up on things right now, and we’re sorry to hear about the loading issue you are seeing.

I suspect I know what’s causing it. In short, you are likely attempting to load a “debug” version of the .dll, instead of a “release” version.

Your TDM analyzer will need to be built by using the instructions in the readme below as an example:

I hope that helps!

@timreyes I am sorry for posting such a trivial issue here.
I was loading Debug version of DLL all along. I also found out that on the second machine this DLL works if I install Visual Studio(along with C/C++ compiler)

I will try with Release version on a third machine.
Thanks for the help.

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@timreyes Release version of the DLL indeed works. Thanks.

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