Logic 2.1.3 (Alpha 16)

New Feature - Mark hint on mouse overs on analyzer marks

As a new user, new to protocols, new to saleae I would be confused about the green dots and the orange squares in the data-section of a analyzer.
The most obvious attempt to this is to move with the mouse over those marks and expect something like a appearing hint. This hint can appear right beside the courser or maybe in a info box in the lower right corner.

New Feature - Statistics of analyzers

As a programmer in proceeded states of development I would like tweak my protocols, wait times, protocol errors and transmission speed. For this I would like to do some statistics. Right now this is a lot of manual work.
As some examples:

  • number of clock cycles
  • amount of data bits in range A
  • variation of the clock speed
  • maximum detected data rate
  • from protocol perspective: unnecessary wait times
  • could be also like a health meter. like deriviation of clockcycles in%
  • … number of protocol errors, etc.
  • the SPI mode used, or the next corresponding I2C frequency

Further ideas:

  • an export of the statistics to json would be really nice to
  • implement own statistic macros based on predefined values. something like a python mini plugin, code which is executed after every run and displaying results on a prominent place?

New Feature - Invert scrolling

Some of us does probably know it from an ego shooter or flight simulator. If the controls are not inverted, it drives them crazy. Wanne fly up, but my plain goes down…

I really like to use the scroll wheel’s. I’ve the normal one and the one for the other axis. The normal one works right, but the other one is inverse to me. I would like to have the possibility to inverse the direction of the mouse wheels in separate for X and Y.

We’re working on Advanced Measurements and I think that it’d answer some of your needs. You’d be able to select a region of channel and generate some metrics for that region, such as pulse count, frequency and duty cycle. On top of that, you’d be able to create (and share) custom measurement functions to calculate more metrics.

In regards to measurements for analyzers, it’s an interesting idea! We’ll add that to our list as we’ll have to think about it more :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, if we’ll have a feature requests page, would you use it?

Thanks again!


some random thoughts, not evolved in total…, probably aspects to think about. Don’t want to start a huge discussion :wink:

I like the possibility to have this close contact to the programmers of saleae logic. If I’ve a idea which could be a nice feature for this performant and responsive software I just want to tell it to you. If a ticket system would work best for you, choose it!
Some more advanced system then a chronological chat would support the tracking of the issues. Issues are more preserved over time. You could also vote on them, or comment them without disturbing other posts.
The only thing I would miss is the “need” to read other ideas when I’m scrolling down to the latest answer. Like this chatroom atmosphere would go lost a bit.

A thought about the publication of the roadmap. On one hand, it would save me some time to write an suggestion, which is already on your road map. On the other hand, if I would read the road map the one or the other new idea would not evolve in my mind. But if my idea would have opened a new perspective for you, this idea would be kind of lost.

How ever, happy programming =) and thank you!

I’d like to keep some room for discussion and keep this forum alive of course. Our current plan is to have an ideas page for Logic 2, and if people prefer to write their ideas here, I’d be happy to copy them to the ideas page to let other people vote and comment.

Thanks again for the feedback! :slight_smile:

First off, loving the new UI! A couple thoughts:

  • The ability to save/load configs in original Logic SW was handy - is that on the feature list for Logic 2?
  • Building on that, will opening/using configs/captures from Logic 1 be supported in Logic 2?
  • Will measurements be making a comeback? Would love to be able to choose 2 timing markers and one or more measurements to use. Also the ability to modify a measurement (different item to measure, different markers) without deleting it and adding a new one would be handy.

Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the next version!

Thanks! Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

  • Save/load config - it’s on our roadmap. We’re currently focused on stability, high-level analyzers, advanced measurements and analog rendering, therefore it might take some time.
  • We probably won’t support Logic1 configs (the migration is too complicated). I’m sorry
  • Of course, measurements will come back and will be significantly better! We’re already working on it.
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What is displayed after a trigger

If I have a trigger setup for an event I’m interested in, after the trigger occurs, the display shows something near the end of the capture period, which right now is much longer than what I need.

Do you have plans to move the display to show the trigger point after capture?

Many times I don’t need (or want) a full second or more of data, when 100ms or less will work just fine. Do you plan to offer a shorter capture duration than 1 sec after the trigger? If the display moved to the capture point, that would be less of an issue.

Right now I have short events that I’m interested in. After the capture, the trigger event is somewhere to the left of where I’m looking and it is kind of annoying to go find it each time.

You can change the capture duration after the trigger by typing a value there. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes it was! I didn’t realize that you could type in a number. I was just using the “-“ and “+”.

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Hi Mark,
I just got my Logic Pro 16, and so far so good. You mention in this post that you have a sample python script to read the binary export data. Can you share that with us? The CSV export is extremely slow, and I’d love to be able to read the binary data.


Glad to hear it! You can find the sample python (and format documentation) in this support article.

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