How to use Socket Api set_trigger command

In the documentation of the Socket Api’s set_trigger command, I found the following:

The command must be sent with the same number of parameters as there are channels in the software. For use with Logic, 8 parameters must be present.

I find that very confusing, and I apologize in advance for the daft questions that follow:

  • What do you mean by “channels in the software”? Are these the number of active channels? Or the number of active digital channels?

  • What do you mean by “For use with Logic”? Do you mean “Logic” as in “Logic the software” or “Logic” as in “Logic 8/16 the device”?

  • What do you mean by “8 parameters must be present”. Do you mean “at least 8 parameters must be present” or “exactly 8 parameters must be present”. This part seems to contradict the previous sentence.

Judging from the examples, it seems that you must always use eight parameters, except if pospulse/negpulse are used. Is that correct? Or do the active (digital) channels play a role?

@maltekliemann Thanks for bringing this up. I went ahead and made updates to the documentation. I hope the new edits help!

@timreyes Thank you, Tim! Just to be clear, the number of available channels has nothing to do with the number of active channels, right?

Furthermore, I think it should be negpulse/pospulse instead of negedge/posedge, (I had made a pull request yesterday: Fix typo in note regarding pulse width by maltekliemann · Pull Request #16 · saleae/SaleaeSocketApi · GitHub)

Edit: The implementation of the C# API seems to think it’s active digital channels, not available channels: SaleaeSocketApi/SocketApi.cs at 773c1c99acff0300c2af7e769b3a0cd127d0857a · saleae/SaleaeSocketApi · GitHub

@maltekliemann Sorry about the negpulse/pospulse typo! Looks like we never caught that all this time. I went and merged you pull request. Thanks for submitting that.

Hmm… you’re right about the C# API. Let me double check with the software team just to be sure.

@maltekliemann I made changes to the set_trigger description again. Apologies for the incorrect information that I previously shared, and thanks for pointing that out!

You are absolutely right - The number of parameters need to match the number of active digital channels (not the number of available digital channels).

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Once again: Thanks alot!

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