How do you save Async analyzer data?

I want to save the Async analyzer’s data because that’s just what’s important, not the 0’s and 1’s and timing from capture data, not the time, character, ASCII code, but just the raw stream of ASCII values in a binary format, say like a remote terminal log. How do I save it?

Hey @zliudr, welcome to our forum!
You can do that via the analyzer menu (click on the three dots next to the analyzer name). We’ll later add an option to export filtered data via the data table.

Let me know if it doesn’t work for you :slight_smile:

Thanks. For now I’ll just write a python script to convert the file via the way you described. There’s quite a few use cases for such feature, such as sniffing communication over serial port to understand the protocol or dumping data transmitted over serial etc.

Oh, I misunderstood you!
You know about the export option, but you just want a simple stream.
The best hack around that would be to write your own Python HLA (High-Level Anaylzer) and use it to generate that file :slight_smile:

Any quick references to how to do it in Python? I’m going to export just the data in hex and read it in and convert into bytes array and write into a binary file in Python. If it’s not too hard to make a high level analyzer on top of Async, I’d be happy to try because is sounds like I could do more if I go down that route.

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to write that :slight_smile:

You pretty much want to create the writer in your init function and write to it in the decode function

Thanks. Bookmarked. I’ll read it when I have more time. For now, a few Python lines with the export file got me what I wanted :slight_smile:


I was looking for the save-analyzer-data function, too,
and even reading your answer “click on the three dots” I didn’t get it, because there are no three dots UNLESS you move the mouse over the analyzer name:-(

not a very obvious UI! do I have to hover the mouse pointer over every spot trying to find more hidden features like that? please don’t; hide that important UI elemets! :wink:

now having found that save, the export offers “text file” and “comma separated values”.
for SPI analyzers both output files are identical, so why that choice ?

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Hi Harald,

Thanks for your feedback. We will clean up the labeling on the Export menu item.

I do understand what you are saying in terms of having to find the … in the analyzer menu. In general one of our design principles is to try to keep the cognitive load at a minimum. While this is a very small UI element, over the entire app these items add up. There is a small learning curve to discover that the menu item is there and hopefully once you see it you will know that you can find what you are looking for in the future.

Please do keep the feedback coming and know that it is appreciated.