Continuous saving of analyzer data while measuring?

I have just discovered Saleae Logic, with the Logic 2 Software, as a great tool for sniffing positional encoder data from an SSI interface.
The only drawback I currently see is that after each measurement I need to export the data to a csv file. Subsequently I load this export file into a python code to plot position data vs time.
My Question: Is it possible with Logic 2 to continuously write away the measured data, e.g. from the SPI Analyzer, to a csv file - while the measurement is going on?
The reason I am asking: If this worked I could load the data file with Kst-Plot, providing me a “live plot” of the measured position data.

@naiser Glad to hear you’re enjoying Logic 2 so far! Good question. Unfortunately, writing data to an external file in real time is not possible with Logic 2. The data capture needs to stop first before exporting data.

Though, an automation API is something that we are seriously considering for Logic 2. Although this wouldn’t allow you to access data in real time during a capture, the automation API would allow you to automate several smaller captures while exporting data in between, without needing manual intervention. See the idea below. Is this something that would help in your case? If so, feel free to add your vote! It’s our most requested feature by far, so we’re certainly aware of the need.

Note that the automation API above is possible with our older Logic 1.x software now.

The simplest method is to use the Python Sample Application under the Python Wrapper section of the article.

Couldn’t this be done with an HLA, especially as @naiser is already a Python user?

@P.Jaquiery You could potentially write to an external file from within your Python HLA source. Since HLAs are running in real time during captures, then this could theoretically be possible. We don’t have any examples to share, nor have I tested it, but you bring up a good point. Let me double check with the software team.

@P.Jaquiery You’re absolutely right. Thanks again for noting that!

@naiser Apologies I missed that possibility. You can write an HLA (High Level Analyzer) on top of the SPI Analyzer.

From there, you could use Python functions such as open(), write(), and close() to write to an external file in real time from within your HLA.