Export formats for low-level analyzers

I found I’m able to load my low-level analyzer to Logic 2.
It works fine with 1.1.29 and I see all export types I declared in my analyzer:
However when using Logic 2 I do not see my own export types:
Is this a bug in implementation support low-level analyzer in Logic 2?

@MitekPL That’s strange. Thanks for reporting this behavior to us. Low-level analyzers should work in Logic 2. One thing I notice is that the Data Table is not being populated. Have you added your I2S / TDM analyzer (I assume this is your custom analyzer?) on top of already captured data? If not, then the Export to TXT/CSV will be greyed out if there is no data to export.

In case the above doesn’t help, would you mind sending over your Low-level analyzer files via the link below? Please also include a sample capture file (.sal file format) with the proper data so we can test exporting it.

Instructions on exporting a .sal file:

Please also let us know in the “description” section that we spoke via this Discuss Forum post so that I know it’s you when the file comes in. We can take a look and try to reproduce this on our end once you send those over.

Even with data captured I see only CSV format export on the list (with captures data it is not grayed out).
I sent message via link you have provided.

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I had also noted this limitation quite some time ago. So it is not just an issue with his analyzer but perhaps an oversight in the V2 implementation. For me this is a very useful/important feature to have.

For what is it worth, here is my post which also discussed this:

@Jonathan Thanks for clearing that up and for sharing your post from last year.

@MitekPL It looks like we haven’t added support for custom export options in Logic 2. Apologies for missing that in your previous message. This is not a bug with the software, but something we just haven’t implemented yet. I had initially thought you were referring to the greyed out “Export to TXT/CSV” option in the Logic 2 menu.

I went ahead and added both of your posts as comments in the meantime in the idea post below so we can track your need for it. I’ll also bring this up with the team here:

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